Coaching as a Leadership Style

2 Day

This two-day practical course examines coaching not as a discrete targeted intervention but as part of an ongoing relationship between leaders and their teams. The programme explores the relationship between the leader and those they lead, and the leadership skills needed to create and maintain an efficient, effective and motivated team. The workshop shows how leadership skills are used in the coaching environment to help those being coached improve their performance.

When run in-house, we ask our clients to work with us in preparing suitable case study scenarios for use during the practical role-play sessions to ensure the examples we use are relevant to each client's business environment. 

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between the leader and manager roles
  • Explain the relationship between the leader and those they lead
  • Describe the requirements for creating and maintaining an efficient, effective, and motivated team.
  • Explain the concept of emotional intelligence and its importance in shaping our communication and developing trusting relationships
  • Develop effective means of influencing others
  • Explain the purpose of performance management and how to conduct effective performance appraisals
  • Explain the role of coaching in developing staff
  • Demonstrate effective coaching skills. 

Workshop Content:

  • The Principles of Leadership
    • The Psychological Contract
    • Management vs Leadership
    • The Power to Influence
    • Action-Centred Leadership
  • Motivation
    • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
    • Herzberg's Two Factor Theory
    • Challenge Versus Support
  • Relationship Management
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • The Johari Window
    • Establishing Rapport
    • Developing Trust
    • Matching, Pacing and Leading
    • Showing Empathy
    • Questioning, Listening and Reframing
    • Assertiveness and Influencing Styles
  • Performance Management
    • Performance Discussion Meetings
    • Giving Feedback
    • SMART Objective Setting
    • Dealing with Reactions to Feedback
    • Transactional Analysis
  • Coaching
    • Definitions and Misconceptions
    • The Coaching Process
    • The GROW Coaching Model
  • Practical Role-Plays

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