Strategic Thinking

2 Days

Strategic thinking is the ability to routinely take the longer-term view and see the bigger picture, leading to examination of options before deciding on action to be taken. It is a broad and innovative way of thinking about the goals of the job, team and organisation, which takes a long-term, systemic and holistic view of the environment.

Strategic thinking is about:

  • Clarifying the direction and vision of the whole, along with its key success measures
  • Identifying relationships supporting the whole organisation and its vision
  • Identifying leverage points for change.

It allows all elements of an organisation to fit together so that they are supporting and not hindering the achievement of the whole.

This is a highly practical course with participants working with one of their own workplace issues, from problem identification through to identifying options for change and selecting a solution.

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • define strategic thinking and explain how, when by whom it should be used
  • list and explain the skills and behaviours of a strategic thinker
  • compare and contrast strategic thinking with other types of thinking
  • explain what is involved in the identification and systematic analysis of problems
  • describe various critical thinking and creative problem solving techniques and use these to help make better decisions and generate effective solutions. 

Workshop Content:

  • What is Strategic Thinking? 
    • Definition
    • The Strategic Thinking Process
    • Types of Thinking
    • Convergent Thinking
    • Divergent Thinking
    • Who should be doing Strategic Thinking?
    • Differences - Strategic and Non-Strategic Thinking
  • Identifying the Issues
    • Problem Identification and Selection
  • Understanding the Present
    • Macro and Micro Drivers
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Systems Thinking
    • Mind Mapping
    • Cause and Effect Diagram
    • Kipling and Starbursting
    • Problem Restatement
    • Scoping Tool

  • Generating the Options
    • Creative Thinking
    • The Barriers to Creative Thinking
    • Six Thinking Hats
    • Creative Thinking Tools
  • Inventing the Future
    • Decision Making – Musts and Wants
    • Nominal Group Technique
    • Diamond 9
    • Multi-Voting
    • Paired Comparison
    • Validating the Selection
  • Making it Happen
    • Force-field Analysis
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • McKinsey’s 7-S Framework
  • Consolidation Exercise

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