Presentation Skills

2 Days

This highly participative course is designed with input followed by practical sessions to develop the skills and knowledge required to be a powerful presenter. Each participant will complete a fifteen minute presentation which can be filmed if required. The films are transferred onto DVD to be given to the participants for future reference. All participants receive feedback after their practicals, both from the other course participants and the course tutor to ensure action plans can be set for their future personal development.

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Design and write clear objectives for a presentation
  • Explain and demonstrate how to structure a presentation
  • Explain and demonstrate how to use effective visual support to give a powerful presentations
  • Identify, explain and demonstrate how to deliver a powerful presentation and control nerves.

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to powerful presentations
    • Types of presentations
    • Structure of a presentation
  • Preparation
    • Aims and objectives
    • Preparing for your audience
    • Defining the format
    • Preparing for the venue and equipment
    • Preparing yourself
  • Topic Analysis
    • Techniques, e.g. mind mapping, outlining
    • Editing techniques
  • Structure of a presentation
    • Introduction
    • Main body
    • Summary
  • Preparing powerful visual support
    • Design/colours
    • Number of words
    • Use of transitions
    • Use of other visual aids
  • Delivery techniques
    • Controlling nerves
    • Voice control
    • Body language
    • Controlling mannerisms
    • Co-facilitation
  • Practical presentations

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