Note Taking in Meetings

1/2 Day

This half-day workshop aims to provide participants with a format and technique for taking notes during meetings that will enable them to produce records that both aid subsequent decision making and, in the event of questions being raised, such as an objection or appeal, would provide a reliable and complete record of the meeting.

The workshop is ideal for groups of up to 12. It includes both group and individual exercises, one of which involves participants taking notes of a videoed disciplinary meeting. Participants are invited to compare their notes against the meeting transcript to check that they have recorded the salient points.

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of good business writing
  • Recognise and write sentences in the active voice
  • Convert direct speech into reported speech correctly
  • Take notes of a meeting that conform to the required format and are accurate, clear and reliable as a record of the essential information conveyed at the meeting.

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction
    • Introductions
    • Workshop aim and objectives
  • Principles of Good Business Writing                   
    • The A B C of Writing
    • Ensuring clarity
    • Using complete sentences
    • Sentence length
    • Active and passive voice
    • Direct and reported speech
  • Exercise - Writing with Clarity
  • Working effectively with the Chair
    • Preparing for the meeting
    • Liaising with the Chair during the meeting
    • Preparing the report
  • Exercise - Note Taking Part 1 and Review
  • Exercise - Note Taking Part 2 and Review
  • Discussion and evaluation.