Management and Leadership Skills

South East Training designs, develops and delivers a wide range of Management and Leadership Training programmes that can make a real difference to the capability of employees to enhance business performance.  Programmes can be developed or tailored to meet the needs of all levels of leadership from front line manager to senior executives.

Conscious of the need to minimise the time managers spend away from the workplace, many of our programmes include blended learning, consisting of a pre-workshop assignment focusing on knowledge, the face-to-face event helping to develop skills, and when required, follow-up coaching to assist with the application of the new knowledge and skills in the workplace.

This page lists just a sample of the different programmes developed to client specific briefs focused in four areas:

  1. Change Management: including TQM & Consultancy Skills, specifically relevant for change agents.
  2. Project Management: available as an overview for those on the periphery of project activities or those simply wanting a refresher, or longer courses for those leading projects who need to have access to the various PM tools and techniques.
  3. Leadership Skills: including an Introduction to Leadership, Leadership Skills and Management Skills for New Managers.

Business Process Management: including Business Process Auditing; Business Process Modelling; Business Process Mapping and Business Process Improvement have been moved to their own page Business Process Management Skills

All programmes can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Appraisal Skills for Managers

This one-day workshop focuses on how a good performance appraisal system that is used well will ensure individuals feel valued, help to identify problems and issues early on and reinforce a partnership approach between managers and their staff. Managers will consider both giving and receiving appraisals during this workshop.

Change Management

This two day programme aims to provide participants with both the critical skills and a framework for the successful management of change. It aims to help them recognise the important role people play in making business transformation successful, the challenge they face in encouraging other to change and the key steps that need to be taken to bring about change and make it sustainable.

Coaching as a Leadership Style

This two-day practical course examines coaching not as a discrete targeted intervention but as part of an ongoing relationship between leaders and their teams. The programme explores the relationship between the leader and those they lead, and the leadership skills needed to create and maintain an efficient, effective and motivated team. The workshop shows how leadership skills are used in the coaching environment to help those being coached improve their performance.

Consultancy Skills

The two day consultancy skills programme is designed for anyone operating in a consulting capacity, either internally or externally. It provides an understanding of the various consulting role, the stages of the consultancy process and the essential skills required by the consultant.

Delegating for Success

It covers: why delegation is a useful management approach; who benefits, how and why; what can and cannot be delegated; some golden rules for delegation; and what to do if things go wrong.

Giving Feedback

This is a one-day workshop aimed at line managers. It is designed to give them the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the performance of their staff or team through effective feedback.

Handling Conflict

This one-day programme is aimed at providing participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to tackle conflict situations effectively, so avoiding escalation and achieving better, lasting outcomes.  The programme uses actor/facilitators to illustrate conflict handling techniques and during practical role play exercises.

Handling Difficult Conversations

This is a one-day workshop designed to give participants the skills to handle difficult conversations in the workplace. This interactive session will give you the confidence to deal with workplace employment matters promptly and effectively, with less stress and anxiety.

Introduction to Leadership

In this one day course, we aim to show participants how they can translate the multi-faceted concept of leadership into actions in the workplace that help us achieve better business results. We start by looking at some of the popular leadership myths before turning to some more recent leadership theories and their application in the modern working environment.

Leadership Skills

This two-day workshop explores the nature of leadership, how leadership differs from management and the skills needed to be an effective leader. The programme provides participants with the opportunity to gain an understanding of their own style preferences as a leader, and where their skills lie in relation to what they require.

Management Skills for New Managers

The move from focussing on your own workload to managing the work of others is a big step and can often be a daunting. This two-day workshop provides new managers with an understanding of the essential skills they will require in their new roles.

Managing Poor Performance

This one-day workshop provides participants with a framework for defining and communicating performance standards. It gives participants a series of tried and tested tools and techniques to feedback evidence based assessment of performance designed to motivate and encourage development and growth.

Managing Stress in the Workplace

This one-day workshop for managers is designed to raise awareness about workplace stress. What is stress? How does it manifest? What are the implications of late detection? The interactive day uses group activities, videos and self-reflection to help learners gain more insight into work place stress.

Project Management

The one day project management workshop aims to provide participants with: access to project management terminology; an understanding of the overall structure of an effectively managed project; practice in using some of the project management tools and techniques; and confidence in tackling the project manager’s role. The two day event allows further exploration of the customer’s own project management structure, tools and procedures.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to routinely take the longer-term view and see the bigger picture, leading to examination of options before deciding on action to be taken. It is a broad and innovative way of thinking about the goals of the job, team and organisation, which takes a long-term, systemic and holistic view of the environment. This is a highly practical course with participants working with one of their own workplace issues, from problem identification through to identifying options for change and selecting a solution.

Team Leading

This one day programme provides participants with an insight into what makes a good team leader and offers them the opportunity to assess their own progress towards that goal.

Time Management

This one day course helps participants gain control of their time by recognising how they currently use time, how to prioritise what really needs to be done and when, and how to avoid the ‘thieves of time’ that plague us all. Participants are asked to keep a time log for the five days prior to attending the event for discussion during the course.

Total Quality Management Techniques

This one day course focuses on the tools and techniques used within the TQM environment to enable continual improvement to take place. The course explores the relationship between TQM, business process management and Six Sigma, drawing distinctions and identifying the similarities.

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