Leadership - An Introduction

  1 Day

The essential nature of leadership has occupied the thoughts of philosophers and practitioners for centuries. Today the internet is littered with leadership quotes from ancient Greek historians to modern day business leaders, all attempting to distil this complex quality into a few words … and every one paints a different picture. What links the leadership capabilities of the Greek military commander Hannibal to that of the head of a successful sales team? What are the similarities between Nelson Mandela’s leadership style and the captain of a local sports team? Is there a leadership gene or is leadership a learned behaviour?
In this short session we will start by looking at some popular leadership myths before turning to some of the more recent theories on leadership. Our objective is to see how we can translate this multi-faceted concept into actions in the workplace that achieve better business results.

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the limitations of leadership ‘trait’ theory
  • List some of the most popular leadership myths
  • Explain action centred leadership theory and how this translates to leading small teams
  • Explain the importance of adopting a leadership style that meets the needs of the situation and the followers
  • List the essential components of successful delegation
  • Explain how different people react to conflict and the importance of adopting the right behaviour in different situations
  • Explain the difference between transactional and transformational leadership and the behaviours necessary to achieve the latter
  • Explain the difference between hygiene factors and true motivators in motivating staff
  • List the competences required by today's leaders. 

Workshop Content:

  • Born to Lead?
    • Trait theory
    • Leadership myths
  • Leading to Win
    • Action Oriented Leadership                            
  • Leading by Delegating
    • Theory X and Theory Y
    • Situational Leadership
    • The art of delegation
  • Leading Through Conflict
    • Conflict Management
  •  Leading Change
    • Transactional and Transformational Leadership
    • Developing a Vision
    • Communicating the Vision
    • Motivating Others
  • Leading in the Modern World
    • The challenge of leadership 
    • Leadership competences