Interpersonal Skills

South East Training's Interpersonal Skills Training is aimed at enhancing the individual's personal effectiveness so they may make a more significant contribution to business performance. With the enhanced skills, employees will become more effective in their roles and be able to support initiatives such as general business improvement, or more specialist activities such as business process modelling or business process auditing aimed at improving the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the business as a whole. Subjects include everything from how to become more assertive and communicate more effectively, to speciific skills such as how to negotiate effectively, how to deliver engaging presentations or how to write with impact.

Conscious of the need to minimise the time employees spend away from the workplace, many of our programmes include blended learning, consisting of a pre-workshop assignment focusing on knowledge, the face-to-face event helping to develop skills, and when required, follow-up coaching to assist with the application of the new knowledge and capability in the workplace. South East Training can provide proven off-the-shelf programmes that we have delivered for other clients, or we will work with you to tailor an existing programme or develop a bespoke programme to meet your specific needs.

We should be happy to visit you for an initial meeting or to discuss your requirements via tele-conference or Skype prior to submitting a proposal. Programmes can be developed or tailored to meet the needs of all levels from those delivering front-line services to senior executives.


Appraisal Skills for Staff

This one-day workshop focuses on how a good performance appraisal system that is used well will ensure individuals feel valued, help to identify problems and issues early on and reinforce a partnership approach between managers and their staff.


This two day course aims to provide participants with increased confidence in dealing with colleagues and help them enhance their working relationships by adopting effective interpersonal behaviours.

Coaching for Success

This one day workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of the benefits, limitations and application in the workplace of coaching as a management tool aimed at bringing about improved performance, a change in attitude or enhanced capability. The client has the option, on this course, to use professional actor/facilitators to provide participants with real-life coaching experiences.

Communicating Effectively

This one-day course aims to improve working relationships by helping participants: develop an understanding of communication processes; enhance their listening and observational skills; and develop techniques for communicating in a more persuasive way.

Customer Service Excellence

This one day course aims to help participants to understand the fundamental requirements for achieving customer service excellence and to encourage them to adopt behaviours that enhance internal relationships and promote customer loyalty.

Effective Writing

This one day programme provides participants with an understanding of the key elements of effective writing, enabling them to adopt a reader friendly professional style, quickly and accurately. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is concerned with the relationship between thinking, feeling and behaviour, and describes the way we use our knowledge of how we think and feel to influence how we act or behave. It is widely believed that it is possible to develop emotional intelligence, leading to positive outcomes. This two day programme explores the concept of emotional intelligence and its practical application through a series of exercises and role-play scenarios.

Equality and Diversity

This one-day course is designed to raise awareness of diversity issues for both managers and staff. lt examines the issues and policies that affect all staff within the organisation and also its role within the local community and the benefits of community involvement.

Facilitation Skills

This two day course aims to provide participants with the skills required for effective facilitation of group activities within the workplace. The workshop includes a range of techniques for stimulating group discussion and for the positive handling of conflict.

Influencing Skills

This one day programme aims to help participants recognise how they can influence others by using appropriate communication techniques.

Interview and Selection

This two day course is aimed at participants who find themselves in the role of interviewer for recruitment and selection. It aims to develop the skills of questioning, listening and non-verbal behaviour so participants are able to adopt a more effective interviewing style and make decisions based on objective evidence.

Negotiating and Influencing Skills

This two day programme helps participants develop negotiation skills aimed at achieving win:win outcomes necessary for developing positive onging relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers. The course introduces participants to the concept of, and provides practiacl experience of, principled negotiation following the stages of preparation, debate, proposition and bargaining.

Note Taking in Meetings

This half-day workshop aims to provide participants with a format and technique for taking notes during meetings that will enable them to produce records that both aid subsequent decision making and, in the event of questions being raised, such as an objection or appeal, would provide a reliable and complete record of the meeting.

Presentation Skills

This two day course focuses on how to prepare presenations to a professional standard covering: the setting of aims and objectives appropriate to the audience; how to design visual aids; how to handle presentations with a degree of confidence including handling questions and objections; and how to influence an audience.

Writing Effective Reports

This one-day workshop aims to provide participants with an approach to report writing that will enable them to produce documents that meet the needs of their selected audience in terms of content, presentation and emphasis, by using plain English, an appropriate layout and, where necessary, persuasive language.

Writing With Impact

This one day course provides participants with the skills to develop clear and effective reader-focused documents that have impact. The course includes a review of participants' own documents and practice in applying the skills taught.

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The programmes listed below represent a sample of those that we can provide. All programmes can be tailored to meet your specific needs.