Customer Service Excellence

  1 Day

Customer service excellence is all about creating a great customer experience. This means not only providing goods and services that meet the customer’s functional needs but also evoking positive emotions at every moment of contact. Our perception of an organisation is hugely influenced by the contacts we have with the organisation's representatives. This human interaction stimulates emotional responses that have a dramatic effect on our willingness to commit to a long-term relationship with the organisation. Customer loyalty is dependent on providing that great customer experience. The aim of this one day workshop is to encourage and motivate participants to adopt positive customer service behaviours that go towards meeting both the functional and emotional needs of customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and long term business growth.

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify customers' needs and recognise the importance to the customer's perception of service excellence of meeting their emotional as well as their functional needs.
  • Identify strategies for creating excellence in customer service and evaluate to what extent their organisation operates customer-centric processes and systems.
  • Explain the importance of recognising and meeting the needs of the internal customers as a means of satisfying the expectations of the external customer.
  • Recognise the importance of using positive language with customers to help in meeting the customer’s functional and emotional needs.
  • Explain the influence tone, body language and other non-verbal behaviours have on the meaning of the words we use, and how we can involuntarily convey negative messages to our customers.
  • Use a structured questioning technique and active listening to gain a full understanding of the customer's functional and emotional expectations.
  • Recognise how the use of empathy and the development of rapport with customers
  • Recognise the importance of pre-empting customer complaints by engaging with the customers and resolving issues before they impact negatively on the customer experience
  • Recognise that, although positive communication and the dedication of the service provider to meeting the needs of the customer are essential to customer service excellence, the attainment of sustainable impacts on customer service requires a structured framework to have long-term effect.

Workshop Content:

  • The customer experience
    • The new differentiator
    • Excellence in customer service
  • Strategies for creating excellent customer service
    • The customer-centric approach
  • The language of customer care
    • The power of positive language
  • Communicating customer care
    • Words, tone and body language
    • Other non-verbal communication
    • The belief cycle
    • Positive intention
  • Questioning and listening
    • Understanding your customer’s needs
    • The question funnel
    • Active listening
    • The barriers to listening
  • Empathy and rapport
    • The costs and benefits of empathy
    • Establishing rapport
  • Dealing with difficult customers
    • The moment of truth
    • Dos and Don’ts of customer service
  • Managing the customer experience