Change Management

  2 Days

This workshop explores the role of management and others as change agents in bringing about successful transformational change.  The course is highly practical and draws on the experiences and expectations of participants in exploring the various facets of change management, from identifying the need for change through to practical activities to help others cope with the change process. The workshop is ideal for those organisations and individuals who are about to embark on a transformational change and are keen to ensure their change agents have a common understanding of the process and its objectives.

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the forces for change, the different types of change and their characteristics
  • Explain why some proposed changes succeed and others fail and evaluate their own organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in tackling the opportunities and threat associated with change
  • Explain how to organise for change and how this links with benefits identification and management
  • Define the role of the change agent in identifying the needs of stakeholders and planning accordingly
  • Describe the change process and the role of the change agent in bring about successful change
  • Identify the essential skills of a change agent
  • Explain the influence of culture on an organisation’s ability to change
  • Describe how people react to change and explain the levels of support required at each stage in the change process
  • Describe how to lead the change process through managing transitions and dealing with barriers to change
  • Develop an action plan for preparing themselves for change.

Workshop Content:

  • Introduction to change
    • Forces for change
    • Types of change
    • Characteristics of change
  • Readiness for change
    • Why change fails
    • SWOT analysis
    • Forcefield analysis
  • Organising for change
    • Programme and project structure
    • The business case
    • Benefits management
    • Stakeholder management
  • Leading change
    • Models for change
    • The change process
    • The role of the change agent
  • The cultural dimensions of change
    • The culture web
    • Changing the cultural paradigm
  • Leading people through change
    • Emotional responses to change
    • Handling the emotional dimension
    • Overcoming resistance
  • Action planning
    • Preparing yourself for change.