Business Process Mapping

  1 Day

Business Process Mapping

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Business Process Maps are used to illustrate how operations, processes and work activities within a business are sequenced to transform inputs into outputs that meet internal or external customer needs. By showing the interaction between operation, process and task, they provide not only a detailed view of how an organisation works, but also provide the foundations for improving the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. The course is aimed at providing participants with both an understanding of the concepts of business process mapping and practical skills in the technique.

Workshop Objectives:

On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of the business process
  • Explain how process maps can help a business
  • Describe how to illustrate the decomposition of operations into processes and tasks
  • Define a process in terms of its objectives, boundaries and key components
  • Explain the benefits of defining end-to-end processes
  • Explain how to use ‘swim-lines’ to denote functional responsibilities
  • Demonstrate how to produce a business process map
  • Explain how to validate the accuracy of a process map
  • Describe options for documenting a process
  • Plan for mapping a business process.


Download the Business Process Modelling Toolkit at:

Workshop Contents:

  • What is a Business Process?
    • Background
    • Input-Transformation-Output Model
    • Process Classification Framework
    • Process Decomposition
    • Producing a Simple Flowchart
  • Defining the Process
    • Defining Objectives
    • Defining Boundaries
    • Defining Activity Properties
    • End-to-End Processes
    • Denoting Responsibilities
  • Business Process Mapping
    • Process Mapping Symbols
    • Linking Process Steps
    • Coping with Ambiguity
    • Producing a Business Process Map
  • Validating Process Maps
    • Who to consult
    • Data Collection Methods
  • Documenting the Process
    • Using Software Packages
    • Adding Text
    • Format for Procedures
  • Action Planning
    • Next Steps.


The South East Training Business Process Modelling Toolkit is a free resources for anyone interested in business process mapping, business process analysis or business process improvement. Go to:

to simply browse or download the toolkit as a pdf.