Business Process Management and Auditing Skills

South East Training provides consultancy to help clients establish a business process architecture that not only provides the foundation for business process improvement activities but also provides a framework for the ongoing management of their business processes. Training in business process mapping, modelling, management and auditing helps our clients build the capability to sustaining the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of their processes without the need for external support.

Conscious of the need to minimise the time managers spend away from the workplace, many of our programmes include blended learning, consisting of a pre-workshop assignment focusing on knowledge, the face-to-face event helping to develop skills, and when required, follow-up coaching to assist with the application of the new knowledge and skills in the workplace.

In addition to the training courses listed below, we also provide facilitation of client process mapping and improvementworkshops.

Programmes can be developed or tailored to meet the needs of all levels of leadership from front line manager to senior executives.

Business Process Auditing

This four day course provides participants with instruction in the use of internal audit as a tool for business improvement and the communication of best practice, and to provide practical training in the effective preparation and conduct of internal audits used in this way.

This course includes a live audit exercise where participants have the opportunity to practise the skills they have learnt from palnning the audit through to evaluating and presenting their evidence.

Business Process Auditing Overview

This two day programme provides participants with an overview of business process auditing used as a tool for business process improvement and the communication of best practice.

This course includes a case study with an optional role-play activity to allow participants to practise they audit skills.

Business Process Improvement

This two-day course provides participants with a structured approach to business process improvement from prioritising improvement opportunities through to analysing the current situation and selecting options for change that meet stakeholder needs.

The course explores a variety of tools, not only for mapping the 'AS IS' process, but for collecting, collating and analysing data, selecting from a range of possible improvement options, and producing the 'TO BE' model.

Business Process Management

This two day course provides participants with a systematic approach to business process management from defining organisational structures for ensuring business processes continue to meet the organisation's requirements through to managing individual improvement projects.

Business Process Mapping

This one day course provides participants with an understanding of the concepts of business process mapping and practical skills in the technique.

Starting with a definition of a business process and exploring how business process maps can help an organisation gain control over its processes, the course goes on to introduce the fundamentals of BPMN, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0).

The course is highly practical, with participants having the opportunity to work with both case studies and on their own projects.

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

This one day course introduces participants to BPMN, a standard for graphically representing a business processe in a Business Process Diagram.

The objective of BPMN is to support business process management for both business users and IT specialists by providing a notation that is intuitive to business users yet able to represent complex process semantics.

As well as covering the basic notation, this course introduces some of the more advance concepts such as use of intermediate and boundary events, transactional sub-processes, repeating events and batch processing.

The course builds on the basic mapping principles established in the one day Business Process Mapping Course.

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