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South East Training is a network of experienced learning and development consultants focused on assisting client organisations improve their performance through enhancing employee skills and capabilities.

We provide leadership, management and interpersonal skills training at all levels and cover topics as diverse as business process auditing and business process improvement through to customer service excellence and communication skills.

South East Training also provides specialist consultancy services such as executive coaching of managers wanting to develop their project management, change management or internal consultancy skills.  We also provide expert facilitation of bespoke events, for example, business planning and business process mapping workshops. 

If you are looking for a learning and development provider that is committed to working in partnership with you to motivate your personnel and enhance performance or, for example, to develop your managers' leadership and communication skills, contact us now to arrange a visit or request a proposal.

Our consultants are based throughout the UK and operate on a worldwide basis.

How We Can Help

South East Training assists clients improve their business performance by enhancing employee skills and helping them manage the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes.

Business Process Management and Auditing Skills

We provide consultancy to help clients establish a business process architecture that not only provides the foundation for business process improvement activities but also provides a framework for the ongoing management of their business processes. Training in business process auditing, business process mapping, business process modelling and business process management helps our clients build the capability to sustaining the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of their processes without the need for external support.

Management and Leadership Skills Programmes

We provide programmes aimed at all levels, from newly appointed to experienced managers, and covering topics as diverse as leadership and team building through to project management and making business decisions. We also provide programmes that enhance personal effectiveness such as time management and problem solving. More specialist programmes cover the consultancy skills required to be effective in the role of change agent within change management programmes.

Interpersonal Skills Programmes

These programmes cover the skills required to be effective at work in both formal and less formal situations. General topics cover the interrelated communication skills of assertiveness, managing stress and working in teams. Specific topics include interviewing, negotiation, presentation skills and customer service excellence. 

Business Coaching

We offer this service at all levels. Coaching is available as a standalone support for individuals who typically:

  • wish to enhance their business skills
  • want to understand and resolve specific professional issues that they feel are limiting their performance
  • are experiencing a period of change. 

We also offer coaching as a follow-on to learning events, to help embed best practice and provide confidence to learners that they are implementing their learning in the right way.

Service are available to be run at your premises or at any agreed external venue, anywhere in the world.

Other South East Training Sites

South East Training's Business Process Modelling website is home to the Business Process Modelling Toolkit, a free resource to help business process designers, analysts, auditors and line managers, and anyone else involved in business process management and improvement.  This site complements our highly successful Business Process Auditing website.

If you have not you visited our Business Process Auditing website, check out the Business Auditing Toolkit, a free resource for business process auditors including guidance on auditing, examples of audit documents and blank forms.  If you are thinking of investing in business process auditing or are simply interested to know more, visit:

Easy Project Management is aimed at those who are new to project management and who are daunted by the prospect of having to set up and manage a project. It provides a host of simple tools and techniques for managing projects of all sizes at work.


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